The First Post From 94.7 Fresh FM’s New Afternoon Drive Host

chip The First Post From 94.7 Fresh FMs New Afternoon Drive Host


Hello.  My name is Tommy McFLY, and I am a radio host.

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to get to spend every afternoon with you on the NEW 947 Fresh FM!  If I’m a total stranger to you, I’m excited for us to get to know each other.  A bit about me. I’m an only child  Gemini originally from Scranton PA and have lived in Washington for the last four years. 

A little less than two years ago I adopted my furry kid, Chip from the Washington Humane SocietyBeware! I will be lobbing cute pictures of him doing adorable things your way pretty regularly because I’ve learned people often like him more than me, and he’s gotta earn his kibble some how. I pop up on TV and in print from time to time.  Happy Hours are now my new favorite past time. I’m not ashamed to admit Taylor Swift is extremely talented, Matchbox 20‘s Yourself or Someone Like You might be the best thing ever recorded and Jason Mraz‘s You and I Both is a great song.  I have little patience for tourists. I know I know!!!  It’s always a good time for espresso or giant shrimp, just not together.  In high school I was captain of the Speech & Debate Team.  The book is rarely as loud as the movie.  I want DC to get MORE cupcake and frozen yogurt shops.  Oh and, up until last week I was doing the evening show for another radio station in town.  Which one?  It’s not important I wouldn’t want you to mix it up with 947 FRESH FM!

If you do know me from, elsewhere, THANK YOU for FLIPPING TO FRESH with me.   The reaction was unbelievable when I announced I was FLIPPING: Twitter exploded, my voicemail filled up and in-box burst. I can’t believe how much you cared about the FRESH new adventure. The rumors immediately started as to where I may be headed.  I’d like to dismiss some of them now.

tommy squares1 The First Post From 94.7 Fresh FMs New Afternoon Drive Host

NO – I will not be moving to New York to be a writer on 30 Rock, mainly because I can barely read. YESTina Fey and I were once in the same picture. YES – I am bragging about that. NO – I have not accepted the position of DC Schools Chancellor vacated by Michelle Rhee. See previous reasoning. NO – I will not be running for President. . . yet.   NO – I will not be launching a brother site of Pamela’s Punch, Tommy’s Taco Dip. NO – I’m not going to be a bartender at Bourbon Steak. NO – I’m not going to be a barista. NO – I will not be Wendy Rieger’s pool boy.

I FLIP’d to FRESH and hope you will too. . .



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