Tesla: The First Electric Roadster!

tesla Tesla: The First Electric Roadster!


Something Electrifying has come to K Street!  The Mid-Atlantic’s first electric car store.

Tesla was born in the Silicon Valley in 2003 and the first Roadster hit the streets in 2008. In 2010 they opened up shot in DC. It goes Zero to Sixty in 3.7seconds, yep!  The car can charge on an regular outlet or a more heavy duty ‘dryer outlet.’  Most days, the Telsa folks say it’ll only take a few hours to top off your car.  Tommy tour and test drove the new Roadster in downtown Wasington.  Check it out for yourself!

It was quite a thrill to hit the road and see what the Tesla Roadster can do, responsibly of course.  The interior is gorgeous and when you ‘start your engines’ it runs nearly silently. The price tag is around $109,000 for this sporty model, next year however they’ll unveil a sexy sedan with a much more mainstream price tag.

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  • Robert

    Too expensive for me. I need a family type car.

    • Brian H

      Reserve a Model S. After federal tax rebate, it’s $49,900 for the 160-mi. range version, and “carries” (fuel and financing and maintenance) for about the same as a $35K gasser. If you reserve now, you’ll probably get delivery late 2012, next yr.

      Seats 5, plus two optional fold-down “jump seats” for the <10 yr. olds. 0-60 in 5.6sec., which is very zippy for a sedan.

  • Brian H

    You must be really excited! You spelled the name of your city wrong. (“Wasington”)

  • Brian H

    You really does need a edditer. Your tag list includes “Enviroment”. Duh.

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