AN OPEN INVITATION to Michaele Salahi!

salahi rehab AN OPEN INVITATION to Michaele Salahi!

By: Mark Wilson

At 94.7 Fresh FM we always like to shine the spotlight on the “Fresh Faces” in music … With open arms we invite Michaele Salahi in to perform her new single [Bump It] LIVE on the Tommy Show!

FULL DISCLOSURE: Tommy McFLY has been a rather honest critic of Michaele and Tareq Salahi [here] [here] and [here] but with the recent announcement of Michaele’s singing career [inspired by Oprah] we would warmly welcome a LIVE performance of “Bump It” on The Tommy Show – one of DC’s Afternoon Drive Radio Programs. Tommy and Michaele’s past hasn’t been all rocky, they’ve hung out … once and they used to work at the same radio-station-group in Scranton PA, just at different times. We’ll tell that story on-the-air.  With people criticizing that the single is 100% studio fabricated and processed this would make for a great platform to prove the Nation’s Capital and the world wrong.  What do you say Missy?


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