Michaele Salahi LIVE – The Saga Continues!

salahi Michaele Salahi LIVE   The Saga Continues!

By: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

We got an email back from the Salahi Camp, Michaele appeared on FOX5…

Still holding our breath over here for Michaele Salahi to perform her new song ‘Bump It’ LIVE on the Tommy Show! [The Invitation Is Out] She did do a non-singing-interview with Shawn Yancy of FOX 5.  Shawn asked appropriate questions and got … interesting answers.  [VIDEO HERE] And who’s the random dude on the couch in the shot?

We received a note back from the Salahi’s press person.  He said that Missy will be doing her first performance in LA [understandable?] and then will be doing performances and CD signings here in DC.  Stay Tuned.

What do ya say Missy?  Hit me up TOMMY@947FRESHFM.COM 


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