[Podcast] It’s Erin Willett Day from the Voice on The Tommy Show

This morning NBC’s The Voice and local DC girl Erin Williett joined us in the studio, as we celebrated ERIN WILLETT Pep Rally day here. Think of her as the next Adele with a killer soulful voice. We can’t wait to see her rock it on the Voice!

Gaithersburg, MD native, Erin Willett, stopped by our 94.7 Fresh studios to chat with us. She is headed to LA to start the live round and is on Blake Shelton’s team on NBC’s the Voice. In honor of her success, the Mayor of Gaithersburg Sidney Katz, declared today, Thursday March 22, 2012 Erin Willett Day. She talked with us about wanting to meet Fresh FM artist Lady Gaga and was mentored by Kelly Clarkson on The Voice.


Listen to the interview.

  • http://947freshfm.cbslocal.com/2012/05/02/podcast-the-voices-erin-willett-celebrates-birthday-with-adam-lavine-blake-shelton-miranda-lambert/ [PODCAST] The Voice’s Erin Willett Celebrates Birthday With Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert and Calls The Tommy Show! « 94.7 Fresh FM

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