[PODCAST] Celeb Stalking Roundup: As The Dust Settles on White House Correspondents Weekend!

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By: White House Pool / Getty Images

By: White House Pool / Getty Images

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TOMMY SHOW PODCAST –Intel on Lindsay Lohan, George Clooney, Kate Upton, Matthew Morrison, Claire Danes, Jimmy Kimmel, Kim Kardashian and why Ed Henry from FOX NEWS had the most daunting task of the evening.

George Clooney, Lindsay Lohan, Goldie Hawn, Eva Longoria, Reese Witherspoon, Charlize Theron, Matthew Morrison, and many more schmoozed with DC power elite over the weekend. Hollywood’s annual pilgrimage to Washington for the White House Correspondents Dinner has morphed over the last few years into a celebrity arms race between media organizations over who can bring the biggest names. What began in the 20’s as a gathering of journos, quickly became a Presidential tradition, with fifteen presidents making a cameo in the last century. But proximity to power and those who cover it, has become an attractive opportunity for celebrities looking to grab the President’s ear, or the spotlight.

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