[Audio] Mark Wahlberg On ALS: Take It Up With Seth


Mark Wahlberg, star of the number one movie at the box office, Ted, is taking a lot of heat from the ALS community. In the flick his character tells Joel McHale’s character, “From one man to another, I hope you get Lou Gehrig’s disease.”

Well those living with Lou Gehrig’s disease aren’t laughing. The ALS Therapy Alliance released a statement about the movie, saying, “We want to make it clear that ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, is not a laughing matter for people and families suffering from this life-threatening illness.”

In an interview this morning with the Tommy Show on 94.7 Fresh FM in Washington, Mark Wahlberg said “it wasn’t meant to offend anyone” and for those who were, they should “take it up with Seth,” referring to Seth MacFarlane, the co-writer and co-star of Ted. 

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