Joe Jonas Says “Not It!” About Being The Inspiration For Taylor Swift’s New Song And For Good Reason!

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Joe Jonas (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for PCA)

Joe Jonas (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for PCA)

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By Kelly Collis, The Tommy Show

Taylor Swift has a history of singing and writing about her breakups as she does on her newly released single and upcoming album (release date is Oct. 22).

Her many relationships make great fodder for songs, Swift says, there are 16 new tracks that will certainly have her fans guessing which ex-boyfriend each is about.

The Tommy Show had a chance to ask Joe Jonas if he was indeed the inspiration for her newly released song (He was promoting his new show on the CW The Next).

The fact that Swift admittedly has clues in her songs and album cover over who is who. Is Joe Jonas the inspiration of the single, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” which extensively discusses an on-again, off-again relationship?

Joe Jonas says the new song can’t be him. In his interview with the Tommy Show he explains why. Listen here.

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