Can’t Beat Kelly: Eddie Cibrian, Kim Kardashian, and National Capitol Statuary Hall

 The rules are simple: We’ll give you FIVE questions. We’ll give Kelly the same FIVE questions. If you get more questions right than Kelly, you win $100. We will give you a dozen Georgetown Cupcakes just for playing.


1. From one reality show mom to another, this New Jersey fist pumper is now giving Kim Kardashian parenting tips.

2. Eddie Cibrian can’t catch a break, his ex and real housewife Brandy Glanville wants to take his story about cheating on her with his now current wife to the big screen. Who is Eddie Cibrian married to now?

3. This Hollywood hot mess‘s lawyer is scraping the bottom of the barrel for her defense. She told the judge to just trust them, they as a team can fix her. Which Hollywood mess?

4. Yesterday this woman’s statue was unveiled in the National Capitol’s Statuary Hall, making her the first black woman to receive a full length statue.

5. No wonder walking is hard work, taking just one step uses over 200 of these.

Want to go up against Kelly for your shot to win $100? Give us a call at 877-947-0947 every morning right around 7:10!
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