Dear, Snow Runners: Knock it Off

And now, a message from @TommyMcFLY:

We get it. You’re in shape. You are trying really hard to keep your figure and that’s awesome. However, today all around Maryland, Virginia and the District, we’re getting “Tumped” [real meteorologist term] with all sorts of snow, or at the very least, freezing cold rain darts.

I drive under the Kennedy Center and passed monuments to and from work every day. It’s beautiful, and normally when I see you running and sweating and burning calories and proving your life is more in order than mine, it makes me feel bad that I am not in better shape with more clarity of mind and ability to get in the zone to run.

Today however, you just look foolish. Like a drowned rat. What are you training for (slash) running from that you have to run today? You’re not being chased. You’re not trying to walk somewhere because you have head-to-toe running workout gear on.

Please knock it off. Just for today.


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