Dude Stupidity: A List of Dumb Stuff Guys Do

by Darik Kristofer
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(Photo by Alex Wilson/Getty Imags)

(Photo by Alex Wilson/Getty Imags)

darik_teaser Darik Kristofer
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It occurred to me this weekend that I’m not as logical as I thought I was.  

That’s the funny thing about guys, though; we think we’re logical, sensible and in control of everything.  

I realized that I do stupid things when they can be avoided entirely.  Here are great examples of my “dude stupidity”:

  • Dropping food on the floor, looking at it and then deciding to leave it there because I’ve convinced myself it’s too much work to pick it up at the moment;
  • Eating ice cream with a fork when I could easily have washed a spoon that was in the sink;
  • Using fast food napkins laying around the house and in drawers as toilet paper because I don’t want to walk two minutes to buy some at the the store;
  • Eating out of pots and pans on the stove instead of putting it in a plate. And then leaving dirty kitchenware on the stove for a week;

  • Eating like a zoo animal at feeding time while on a date.

What stupid “dude stuff” have you seen or dealt with?  

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