Video: Tommy McFLY at the White House Easter Egg Roll

Check out some of the sights and sounds from Monday’s White House Easter Egg Roll.  Over 35,000 Americans hit the South Lawn of the White House for a day of family fun to get up and get going.

An enthusiastic First Lady warmly greeted the thousands who gathered.

“Today, we want you to have a great time,” said Michelle Obama. “We want you to run around.  We want you to go over and see the White House Garden.  We want you to learn about making tasty, healthy food.  We’re going to come down and do some Easter egg roll.  We’re going to read some stories.  But overall, we want you guys to have a good time and keep moving and be healthy.  And, kids, eat your vegetables, okay?”

Follow Mrs. Obama’s Let’s Move campaign, aimed at curbing childhood obesity, on Twitter: @LetsMove

Check out more photos by Tim Yorro from the South Lawn.

Video by Brendan Kownacki

Tommy McFLY served as the Official Emcee for the third time.

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