Why We Love Kate Middleton…

by Cristina Mayer

I recently came across the most adorable pictures of Catherine Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, at a charity event in London.

As I was clicking through the photo gallery, I couldn’t help but think — if I had the grades to attend the Study Abroad program at St. Andrews University when Kate met her future husband, Prince William — we would have totally become besties.

Aside from being the real-life Disney princess of our generation,  what is it about Kate that we can’t get enough of?

A few possible answers:

1. She is always involved in some kind of charity work and is out to make the world a better place.  Just this week, Kate was seen visiting a Primary School in Manchester, where she was on site to help launch a new school counseling program.

2.  Kate does her own grocery shopping!  We all remember the pictures of her pushing a cart out of her local market just after returning from her honeymoon with Prince William. She is a princess and she still goes to the store … what’s not to love?!

3. She manages to do all of the above looking incredibly adorable, while five months pregnant.  This past week, everyone fell in love with the soft green Mulberry tweet coat from National Review of Queen’s Scouts celebration at Windsor Castle in Berkshire earlier this week.

She’s always so put together!

What do you think it is? Tell us below:

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