Common Sense: Excessive Facebooking Is Bad for Couples

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By: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

By: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

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Too much Facebook can screw up your relationship — especially if it’s new. This is what we’ve heard from a friend, that’s not us by the way!

Why you ask? According to some new science (from Cosmo), the more a person in a relationship uses Facebook, the more likely they are to closely monitor their partner’s social media activity.

This seemingly innocent stalking can lead to jealousy and trigger arguments concerning past partners. 

But before you pass judgment on the amateur P.I.’s, their past relationship paranoia may not be without merit. As it turns out, Facebook addicts really are more likely to reconnect with previous lovers. Of course that could lead to emotional and physical cheating… or so we hear.

Researchers say that couples who have been together for three years or less are especially vulnerable, because their relationships have not “fully matured.“

But the fix is simple. Cut back on use of social media.

Click here to read more about the effects of Facebook on relationship.

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