Mission: Unaccomplished

by Darik Kristofer

As I waited my turn to renew my license at the Maryland MVA, I stared down at my birth certificate. It hit me really hard when I noticed my father’s age was listed as ’29’ at the time of my birth.

That means he was my current age, had been married for four years, had a 3-year-old daughter and was finishing his Ph.D.

I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing compared to him.

Maybe critics of my generation are right when they say we don’t act like adults and don’t know what sacrifice means.

I feel like nearly everything I’ve done has been for selfish reasons and not for the betterment of generations to follow.

Where did I go wrong?

Perhaps I’ve been so obsessed with my own success that I think I forgot the reason why I had a thirst for it to begin with; to share it with my own family.

Am I being too hard on myself? I need your advice.

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