Only 1 in 5 People Would Dump Partner for ‘Sexting’ Someone Else

Only one in five people would leave a relationship if they caught their significant other ‘sexting’ with someone else according to an online survey.

Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines asked 5,000 adults about sending naughty messages outside to someone other than their significant other.

Surprisingly, one-third of respondents, largely between 25 and 44, say they wouldn’t even bother to confront their partner about it.

Researches say the findings show many people want to overlook infidelity or simply downplay confrontation or avoid it altogether. Analysts also say social media has created a gray area where deciphering the difference between harmless flirting and actual cheating can prove difficult. 

Should social and new technology be held responsible for the upward trending ‘whatever’ attitude toward infidelity? One in five of us are turning the other cheek.

(h/t NY Daily News)

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