Tommy: ‘Things I Can’t Do Like I Used To…’

by Tommy McFLY

Not that I’m calling myself o-l-d, but there are some things that you realize you can’t do (or digest) like you did when you were younger.

Wednesday night at the Nats game, the $16 [add $4 for guac] Nachos Supreme was calling my name. 

The hit to my debit card couldn’t stand in the way of the chicken, two-kinds-of-salsa, queso and guacamole goodness. 

After gobbling every last chip with a beer, I went home and hit the sack. 

This morning, the nachos are seeking their revenge with a raging case of heartburn. 

I can’t eat junk food like I used to.

WebMD has some ‘brilliant’ tips to fight heartburn — like don’t eat grapefruit and other helpful hints.

What has age robbed you of?

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