Facebook Jealousy Hits Smart People the Hardest

A new study finds the smarter a person is the more likely they are to become jealous of their partner’s Facebook actions. And that’s bad news for those of us with high IQ’s and grade point averages.

The study, conducted by Denise Friedman, psychology professor in Va., asked college students to imagine a scenario in which they discovered a message in their partner’s Facebook inbox from a person of the opposite sex which reads: “What are you up to later?“

As it turns out, the most intense envy came from people with the best grades.

Why does this happen?

Researchers suggest that students with higher GPAs are more conscientious, show greater self-control and tend to be perfectionists. That last part is the key.

“The perceived infidelity likely upsets their attempts at perfection across the board,” the study finds.

The study also found women were generally more jealous than men unless the message contained an emoticon. That little winking face upsets the men something fierce!

Read more: http://tmcf.ly/185Lrlt

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