A List of Dumb Stuff Dudes Do: Part 2

by Darik Kristofer

A couple of months ago I made A List of Dumb Stuff Dudes Do.

Today, I would like to amend (and add to) that list.

As it turns out, my dude stupidity issues aren’t isolated incidents. In fact, my dude stupidity is a problem on a daily basis.

I still can’t figure out why I do illogical things when they could be avoided entirely. But, then again, that’s what makes me a dude.

Here are more great examples of my dude stupidity:

* LeavingĀ a load of clothes in the washing machine for 3 days and having to wash them all over again because they smell like mold;

* Eating half of a container of cheese balls and then wiping my hands off with a Clorox surface wipe because washing my hands was too much trouble;

* Taping up cardboard boxes in my bedroom window for the last 2 years instead of buying curtains to block out the light;

* Leaving the fitted sheet off the bed because it’s nearly impossible to put on the mattress!

* Trying to cut a piece of pizza in half with a pen cap because it was the nearest thing laying on the table;

* Drinking out of the faucet instead of putting water in a glass;

* Using grocery bags for trash instead of just buying a trash can;

Did we miss any? Tell us below or on our Facebook page.

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