What Were Your ‘Weird Pregnancy Cravings?’

by Darik Kristofer

The combinations of food women crave during pregnancy always surprises me.  

I got into a discussion with coworkers and listeners from around the area about the food they craved while pregnant.

Here were some of the highlights:

Anna from Waldorf: “Chocolate ice cream with pepperocini peppers on top (those yellow peppers that come with Papa John’s pizzas).”

Diedra from Reston: “Onions dipped in ketchup”

Megan from Germantown:
“Scooping up Rocky Road ice cream with Triscuit crackers.”

Katie from Fairfax: “Chalk. Yes, seriously.” (But she settled for Tums and SweetTart candies to satisfy her craving).

Did you crave strange items during your pregnancy or know someone who did?

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