A (Long-Distance) Dedication to My Sister

by Darik Kristofer

I want to take a moment to dedicate a blog to my sister.

Not only is she a beautiful and unique individual, she’s a nuanced thinker and possesses a compassion that is downright humbling.

She’s currently on her way to completing her Ph.D. in clinical psychology in California.

Her insight and understanding of people is beyond impressive: She listens. She cares. She looks for solutions to improve the lives of her patients.

She is intensely focused on coming from a place of calm, strength, and understanding in order to benefit others.

That’s the ultimate example of selflessness, in my opinion.

She is going to be an outstanding mental health professional and I am very proud of her and love her very much.

When you feel alone, lost, or upset, remind yourself that there are wonderful people, such as my sister, out there to listen to you.

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