One in Five Women Don’t Feel Complimented Enough

By: The Tommy Show

They say a compliment is the best gift you can give but it turns out one in five women don’t remember the last compliment they received that made them feel beautiful.

Granted, some ladies are uncomfortable when they receive a nice mention but it’s the thought behind it that counts the most right?  What’s even more startling is that women think men are liars when they send a nice thought their way.  According to a survey from Dove, 27 percent don’t believe compliments when they hear them.

But does it matter if the compliment is from our partner or a stranger?  The internet tells us that 38 percent want to hear sweet nothings from their partner but 20 percent would rather hear it from a stranger.

The Tommy Show dove into it head first to ask our listeners about the last compliment they received.

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