Thousands of People Sign Petition to Deport Justin Bieber

By: Jodi Phillips
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Justin Bieber (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Justin Bieber (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

People have a lot of strong feelings about Justin Bieber, which was proven today when a petition surfaced asking the American government to deport the singer back to Canada.  Recently, Bieber has seen a multitude of issues in his personal, social and legal life including a recent arrest for drag-racing and DUI in Miami, Fla.

As one of the most famous household names of the decade, Bieber has gained new fans and new enemies during his tirade in the media.  Allegedly, he egged a neighbor’s house, was pulled over multiple times during his European tour to have his bus searched, urinated in a mop bucket, spit on fans, and has been seen smoking marijuana multiple times.  Now people are saying they’ve had enough of the Canadian singer, who was discovered at age 13 on YouTube.

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The petition began in Detroit, Mich. with a person known only as J.A. on the form.  Since its inception, it’s gained over 70,000 signatures.  The petition sends the follow message:

We the people of the United States feel that we are being wrongly represented in the world of pop culture. We would like to see the dangerous, reckless, destructive, and drug abusing, Justin Bieber deported and his green card revoked. He is not only threatening the safety of our people but he is also a terrible influence on our nations youth. We the people would like to remove Justin Bieber from our society.

Bieber currently lives in California but was born in London, Ontario, Canada.

The petition states it needs 100,000 signatures by Feb. 22, 2014.

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