Snow Rule: No Saving Parking Spots

By: Tommy McFly

Saving Spots on Snow Days

“When did you become queen of the street” is exactly what I inquired of Kelly Collis this morning.

She told us about her trick during snow days.  She and Steadman shoveled out a parking spot in front of her house and then used a hockey stick and shovel to “reserve” the spot.  This isn’t a line at the cafeteria, there are no savesies in winter parking.

Finding a place to rest your ride after a snow fall is like The Hunger Games.  May the odds always be in your favor, but if they are not, it’s unacceptable to leave chairs, boxes, shovels, etc in the street to keep your place.

I can sympathize.  I had to park on the streeet during Snowmageden and it was terrible to dig out a new spot or park at the grocery store down the street at midnight.

Spot saving is essentially littering.   Happy Parking!

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