Man Claims to be Michael Jackson’s Long-Lost Son

Thirty-one-year-old Brandon Howard, son of singer Miki Howard, claims that Michael Jackson is his real father.

Brandon, who goes by the stage name B. Howard, says he has DNA evidence and is going public with the results tomorrow and plans on staking claim to the Jackson estate, worth more than $600 million in revenue.

His mother, Miki Howard, was represented by Michael Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson, back in the 1980s so there’s a possible connection.

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MJ’s estate lawyer, Howard Weitzman spoke to TMZ, saying, ” we’ve never even heard from him… Any deadline for claiming to be Michael’s child has long since passed.”

TMZ reported that sources are unsure how Brandon Howard acquired the DNA sample but they came from an orthodontic device Jackson used to wear. The results are supposedly a match.

Do you think he is too late to stake his claim on the Jackson estate? Could he be Michael Jackson’s long lost son?  See the video for B. Howard’s video “Dancefloor” below.

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