100 Lb, 5-Foot Gymnast Dominates ‘American Ninja Warrior’

In a video that is sweeping the nation today, Kacy Catanzaro is a 5-foot, 100 pound gymnast from Towson University that dominated the challenging American Ninja Warrior course, becoming the first woman to complete the course in show history.

After training for two years with her boyfriend and former “American Ninja Warrior” competitor, Catanzaro took on the course and completed it with flying colors.  Other competitors on the show ranging from 6-foot personal trainers to gym owners didn’t make it past the second obstacle.

Co-host Matt Iseman said Catanzaro was one of the greatest competitors. “We are seeing one of the greatest competitors, man or woman, we have ever seen in American Ninja Warrior.”

She will now take on the final challenge called Mount Midoriyama in the Las Vegas finals.

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