Who Falls Asleep Faster? Men or Women?

My friend posed this question on Facebook this morning after having a debate with her husband.

“How many of you can get into bed at night and fall asleep within five minutes?¬†Or do you take 30-45++ minutes to relax and mentally wind down before finally falling asleep?”

Her theory is that men fall asleep within 5 minutes of hitting the pillow, and women usually take 30-45 minutes or more to fall asleep… Based on most of the comments, she is totally onto something.

And I completely agree!

My fiance is usually snoring within 2 minutes of getting in bed.

I am tossing and turning, thinking, rethinking, ruminating, tossing some more, getting up to pee, getting back in bed, tossing again, checking my phone, making sure my alarm is set, adjusting the covers, and then finally at some point I fall asleep.

I know in a few of my other relationships it’s ¬†been the same way… He was out cold so fast while I was struggling to fall asleep.

I know there have been times when I’ve resented this… I’m so tired and can’t sleep, or I still want to have some pillow talk, and he is out like a light!

I don’t know if there is any scientific proof that men for whatever reason fall asleep easier than women, but in my experience, and based on what many others have experienced, it’s totally true.


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