Would You Pay $180 for this 4th of July T-Shirt?

You’ve probably heard me rave about LuLaRoe, the multi-level marketing clothing company that really does make some of the cutest, most comfortable stuff I’ve ever owned.

But some people are going a little too loco for LuLa right now…

The company recently released their “Americana” capsule line for the 4th of July and one shirt in particular is selling on eBay for up to 5 times it’s retail value!

This “Randy” tee with one star sleeve and one stripe sleeve sells for $35 plus tax and shipping when you purchase from a consultant… Each seller receives one or two per inventory order, if she’s lucky, so they are very hard to come by.

I wanted one and spent more time than I’d like to admit refreshing the photo albums in a Facebook sale to try to get my hands on one. By the time it popped up and I clicked to comment “sold”, it had 29 other comments.

I gave up.

I went to eBay to see, just out of curiosity, how much they’re going for… I thought maybe a little more than retail.

No, this $35 polyester shirt is going for up to $182.50!! And these are not just crazy asking prices, these are items with 20 or more bidders.





Here’s a Twitter link to a listing with a pair of leggings that everyone seems to want too… One leg is stars, the other stripes. They’re fun, but $150 fun?

And another one. $100. For leggings.

I just can not. I guess if you want it, and you have the money, why not? But it’s a $35 shirt and the leggings retail for $25. I have quite a few LLR pieces and while I love them, they are not the highest quality by any means and no way would I ever pay quadruple retail for them!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering what “unicorn” means… A “unicorn” in LuLa-speak is an item that you and every other gal wants to get her hands on.

I gave up on getting anything from the LuLa line and bought a $7 stars and stripes shirt at Old Navy last night and I’ll be perfectly happy with it.

Have you ever paid way more than retail for a piece of clothing you had to have?
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