He Suggested We Get Married at Starbucks…

Let me explain…

My fiance and I have not even started planning our real wedding yet. I suppose it’s on me since I’m the woman and planning a wedding for the most part is “a woman’s job” but we haven’t done anything yet. No venue, no date, nothing.

We want to get married soon though, for practical reasons. And no, I am not pregnant. Would it matter if I was? We already have an almost 4 year old together.


He went to get our marriage license on Monday and then our plan was to go to the court house on Friday morning before we leave for Great Wolf Lodge and get ‘er done.

But come to find out, the court house is booked until July 22…

He thinks we should just find someone on the list of officiates and see who is available soon and meet at Starbucks and do the deal.



I’m totally fine with getting married at the court house and having a nice wedding later.

I am NOT OK with getting married at STARBUCKS!

And y’all know I LOVE STARBUCKS but I am not saying my marriage vows over a¬†grande coffee frappuccino light no whip!

Maybe if it was fall and I could have a pumpkin scone in lieu of a wedding cake I might be OK with this… But it’s not fall.

So now the question is… Should we just wait until we can get a date at the court house? Or should we find someone who can marry us and do something ridiculous like have a Starbucks wedding?

I bet a Starbucks wedding could go viral if we planned it right… maybe he’s onto something??

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