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Taylor Swift (Courtesy of Big Machine)

Taylor Swift Had The Best Day Ever on a Boat with Calvin Harris & Joe Jonas

Everything is better when you’re on a boat. Even those once angry feelings you felt towards an ex who broke up with you over the phone.

18 hours ago

(SAEED KHAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Katy Perry is the Highest-Paid Female Celebrity in the World

Katy Perry definitely doesn’t have to worry about paying her rent, that’s for sure.

18 hours ago

Ian Gavan/Getty Images

VIDEO: Paris Hilton Thinks Her Plane Is Crashing

An Egyptian TV prank show took things a bit too far with this one!

18 hours ago

(Courtesy of Roc Nation)

Rihanna Is Doing Some Serious Kidnapping in ‘BBHMM’ Video

No dogs were hurt in the making of this clip.

18 hours ago

(Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair)

VIDEO: Caitlyn Jenner Arrives at NYC Pride Party

Caitlyn was met with cheers as she surprised the crowd at a NYC Pride party on Sunday.

20 hours ago