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PICS: Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Hold HandsTwo dates in one week? What's going on?
VLOG: Justin Bieber's Racy New CK AdsWhat do you think of Justin Bieber's racy new CK ads?
Still Snowed In? MoCo Executive Promises 'All Neighborhoods Plowed By 7am'How long did it take for your street to be plowed?
Ten Thousand Dollar Thursdays: Listen to Win!Starting Jan. 28, it's "$10,000 Thursdays," where Fresh listeners can win $1,000 every hour from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.
PIC: Justin Bieber's Purple HairDo you prefer the purple hair or the man bun?
VIDEO: Joe McIntyre & Chris Kirkpatrick Unite to 'Free Nick Carter'Apparently, boy bands have squad goals too.
Montgomery County Mom Starts Petition 'Put Pants on Daniel Tiger'#givedanielpants
Is One Direction Really Breaking Up?What's really going on with One Direction?
PIC: Justin Bieber's Man BunWhat do you think about man buns? Take the poll.
VIDEO: How Kourtney Kardashian Eats a Kit Kat vs. How I Eat a Kit KatWho eats a Kit Kat better?
The Most Hilarious, and Evil, Baby Shower Card EverThe card that keeps on giving...
Jennifer Lopez Says Idol Contestant 'Sings Like a Heavy Girl'Fans are not happy about J-Lo's comments on last night's show.

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