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Queening Out: The Reigning Pop Divas Of 2016As in the Game of Thrones universe, today’s pop queens govern their own distinct kingdoms within the same fantasy realm.
Are Beyoncé and Mariah Carey Collaborating?A music video director dropped a major hint via her private Instagram account.
Questlove Remembers Prince as a Hip-Hop ForebearerIn an essay penned for Rolling Stone, Questlove presents a new way of remembering Prince: misunderstood hip-hop pioneer.
Prince's 'Purple Rain' Expanding to Over 200 TheatersFans will have another shot to see the 1984 Academy Award-winning film on the big screen.
Disney Announces 'The Jungle Book' Sequel, Eight Other Live-Action FilmsWith "The Jungle Book" number one at the box office, Disney has plenty more remakes and sequels in the works.
Can't Beat Kelly: The Terminator, McDreamy and More

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Why Did Drake Cut Kanye and Jay Z from 'Views'?Drizzy explains himself.
Justin Timberlake Pokes Fun at 'It's Gonna Be May' MemeTimberlake asks the question: Can You Meme Yourself?
Who Are the Twins from Drake's 'Views'?The exact nature of the sisters' relationship with Drake is unclear, but it's not the first time they've been photographed with Drizzy.
Tom DeLonge on New Blink 182, Future with Band"We DO have a future together if we want it, but for now we are busy doing separate things."
Prince's 'Purple Rain' Jacket up for AuctionProfiles in History will auction the piece—most famous from the scenes featuring Apollonia Kotero on a motorcycle.
Iggy Azalea's Advice on Social Media Trolls: 'Don't Take the Bait'Azalea, who will perform at SPF fest, also told us about a wild night of gambling in Las Vegas.


BLOG: My Daughter is Grounded, This Could Be a Long WeekendSometimes, it's like we're being punished too!
Usher Posted a Nude Selfie on Snapchat!Usher left little to the imagination with his Snapchat story on Thursday.
Will Ferrell is Making a Comedy About Ronald Reagan with DementiaA comedy about dementia? What?
Starbucks Brings Back Two Super Sweet Frappuccino FavoritesWhich two drinks are back for a limited time?
Who is Selling 'Boycotte Beyonce' Tee Shirts?See the Boycott Beyonce shirt and find out who made them.
BLOG: A Follow Up on the Ex-Wife Situation...Well, he asked his ex-wife for that thing he needed...


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