Kelly Collis


Kelly Collis has a dry sense of humor and living her best life being a single mom of two. She got her big break in morning radio when one of her good friends, Tommy McFly, asked her if she wanted to host a morning show with him. Never having experience on the radio and searching for the next chapter of her life after her divorce, she agreed.

Prior to her big radio break, Kelly had been working in the D.C. area for more than 17 years. She founded CityShopGirl, a subscription email publication, delivering updates on lifestyle in the D.C. area. Her byline appears in many area publications, and she is frequently on TV commenting on trends in fashion, shopping and dining. In 2011 and 2012, she was named the “top influencer” on Twitter by The Washington Post.

Kelly worked as director of marketing for National Jean Company, a nationwide women’s retailer. Kelly was also a partner at DBC Public Relations for five years where she counseled both private and public companies in the consumer and media sectors. She graduated with a BA in economics from Trinity College in Hartford, CT, and returned to D.C. to work on Capitol Hill for members of Congress.

Born at Walter Reed Hospital and raised in D.C., Kelly is a daughter of an Army doctor and a flight attendant. She loves spending time with her kids, following Washington sports teams, especially the Nationals, finding great brunch spots, sweaty yoga, following trends in online dating and lazy days at the beach.

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