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An unorthodox friendship of three over-the-top personalities best describes The Tommy Show. Each morning, Tommy McFLY, Kelly Collis and Jen Richer bring a real, fun and friendly attitude to living, working, dating and parenting in the Washington area. Whether it’s Tommy’s view on being a single guy living in D.C., Kelly’s take on being a mom and growing up in Maryland or Jen’s love for Virginia and her hopeless love life, each morning brings laughter and honesty.

This dynamic trio blends a steady flow of “Today’s Best Hits, Without the Rap” and entertainment, giggles, topical questions and thoughtfulness to get you moving in the morning and surviving this area’s traffic.

A favorite of parents with kids in the car and young educated professionals alike, “The Tommy Show” is sometimes naughty but never nasty. Regularly championing causes in the community, Tommy, Kelly and Jen are regularly involved with the Best Buddies of Virginia, Imagination Stage in Bethesda, The American Red Cross, Alzheimer’s Foundation, Washington Humane Society, Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation and The GW Mobile Mammography Unit.

The Tommy Show is Washington!

Play Can’t Beat Kelly to Win a Gift Card to Flight Trampoline Park

Listen mornings for your chance to play Can’t Beat Kelly for a gift card to Flight Trampoline park.

94.7 Fresh FM–04/24/2017

Win a Free Gas Credit with the Upside Gas App

Listen mornings and afternoons every Friday for your chance win a $100 credit from the Upside Gas app.

94.7 Fresh FM–03/17/2017

Most Americans Would Choose Money Over True Love, Survey Says

According to a survey, Americans are more likely to choose a million dollars per year over finding true love.


See Highlights and Winners From the 59th Annual Grammys

From Katy Perry to Lady Gaga, check out the highlights from the 2017 Grammys.

94.7 Fresh FM–02/12/2017

Watch Lady Gaga’s Epic Super Bowl Halftime Show

Lady Gaga sang live, danced, and played multiple instruments with a backdrop of hundreds of lit-up drones.


Listen to the Inauguration Edition of Can’t Beat Kelly!

Longtime inaugural announcer Charlie Brotman and incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer are the special guests on the Inauguration Day edition of Can’t Beat Kelly.

94.7 Fresh FM–01/20/2017

PHOTOS: James Arthur Performs at DC Lottery Live

British singer James Arthur performed at DC Lottery Live yesterday for our Fresh Faces, Fresh Music series!


Adam Levine on His R&B Album, Fake News & More (Watch)

Adam Levine says he’s “never been more excited” about the new R&B album he’s making with Maroon 5.

94.7 Fresh FM–01/13/2017

Watch Calum Scott Perform ‘Dancing on My Own’ on The Tommy Show

Calum Scott talked “Britain’s Got Talent,” staying humble, and his love for Adele on The Tommy Show.

94.7 Fresh FM–01/11/2017

Ed Sheeran Debuts New Singles ‘Shape of You’ and ‘Castle on The Hill’

The long wait for new music from Sheeran is over!


Anaconda Found in Toilet in Arlington Apartment (Photo)

An Arlington resident was shocked to find a snake in the toilet, and not just any snake, a Yellow Anaconda.

94.7 Fresh FM–01/04/2017

Watch Highlights from NSSN Night 2

See the best moments from Not So Silent Nights, Night 2, with performances by The Rua, Wrabel and Third Eye Blind.


Watch Highlights from NSSN Night 1

See the best moments from Not So Silent Nights, Night 1, with performances by JoJo, Lindsey Stirling, and Mike Posner.

94.7 Fresh FM–12/12/2016

Shaq Chats with Tommy McFly (Watch)

Shaquille O’Neal talks to Tommy McFly about working with, his Hall of Fame ring, and his dream job, Secretary of Basketball Defense.


‘Wreaths Across America’ at Arlington National Cemetery: Join Us & Donate

Join Tommy, Kelly and Jen on December 17 for Wreaths Across America!


Can’t Beat Kelly: Models, Olympians, and Memoirs

See how you would fare against Kelly in today’s edition of the Can’t Beat Kelly quiz.

94.7 Fresh FM–09/12/2016

Can’t Beat Kelly: Tom Hanks, Michael Jackson, and Gavin Rossdale

See how you would fare against Kelly in today’s edition of the Can’t Beat Kelly quiz.

94.7 Fresh FM–09/08/2016

Photos, Videos & More from the 2016 Tommy Show Teacher Tour

Tommy, Kelly and Jen are delivering Georgetown Cupcakes to teachers at over 20 local schools for The Tommy Show Teacher Tour.

94.7 Fresh FM–08/30/2016

Can’t Beat Kelly: Dolly Parton, Blue Ivy, and Alec Baldwin

See how you would fare against Kelly in today’s edition of the Can’t Beat Kelly quiz.

94.7 Fresh FM–08/19/2016

Can’t Beat Kelly: Selena Gomez, Iron Man, and George Washington

See how you would fare against Kelly in today’s edition of the Can’t Beat Kelly quiz.


Can’t Beat Kelly: Margot Robbie, Meat Dresses, and Macbeth

Play today’s edition of Can’t Beat Kelly here.

94.7 Fresh FM–08/03/2016

Can’t Beat Kelly: Candace Cameron, Goop, and Astronomers

Play today’s edition of Can’t Beat Kelly at 6;30 and 7:30 a.m.

94.7 Fresh FM–07/29/2016

Can’t Beat Kelly: Superman, Test Tube Babies, and Kelly Ripa

See today’s edition of Can’t Beat Kelly here.

94.7 Fresh FM–07/25/2016

Mary Lambert on Tattoos, the Grammys and Madonna

Mary Lambert joined The Tommy Show to chat about everything from her cat’s farm-to-table diet to performing at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

94.7 Fresh FM–07/22/2016

Can’t Beat Kelly: Katy Perry, ‘Legally Blonde,’ and ‘Ghostbusters’

Missed Can’t Beat Kelly at 6:30 and 7:30 a.m.? Play today’s edition here.

94.7 Fresh FM–07/14/2016

Can’t Beat Kelly: Kanye West, Harry Potter, and Beantown

Play Can’t Beat Kelly and see you how match up against The Tommy Show co-host.


Can’t Beat Kelly: Kelly Ripa, Poker Faces, and Broadway

See how you’d do against Kelly in today’s Can’t Beat Kelly quiz.

94.7 Fresh FM–06/28/2016

The Tommy Show Night at Nationals Park (Photos)

Tommy, Kelly and Jen celebrated five years of The Tommy Show with the Fresh Family on Monday, June 27, at Nationals Park.

94.7 Fresh FM–06/28/2016

Can’t Beat Kelly: Golden Girls, Full House and Grease

Play the 6:30 and 7:30 a.m. installments of Can’t Beat Kelly.


Can’t Beat Kelly: Joe Jonas, Diane Keaton, and Steven Spielberg

Can you beat Kelly? Play the quiz and find out!

94.7 Fresh FM–06/20/2016

My Top Five Memories From The Tommy Show

Kelly Collis shares her top five memories from the past year on The Tommy Show’s fifth anniversary,

94.7 Fresh FM–06/20/2016

The Tommy Show Gives ‘Props to Pops’ for Father’s Day (Listen)

Ahead of Father’s Day, listeners called in to give shout-outs to their dads on The Tommy Show.

94.7 Fresh FM–06/17/2016

Nationals Pay Tribute to Victims of Orlando Massacre (Watch)

The Washington Nationals and the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, D.C., paid a powerful tribute to the victims as part of the Nationals Night OUT yesterday.

94.7 Fresh FM–06/15/2016

Can’t Beat Kelly: Tonys, Pirates, and Bill Murray

Try your hand at this Can’t Beat Kelly quiz.

94.7 Fresh FM–06/09/2016

Kris Allen on Touring, Fatherhood and ‘American Idol’ (Watch)

Kris Allen chats about performing in D.C. during Hurricane Sandy, how fatherhood has changed his music and saying goodbye to “American Idol” on The Tommy Show.

94.7 Fresh FM–06/08/2016

Can’t Beat Kelly: Wilmer Valderrama, Billy Elliot, and SNL

Can you beat Kelly in this edition of the quiz?

94.7 Fresh FM–06/07/2016

Can’t Beat Kelly: Calvin Harris, Magic Mike, and Rashida Jones

Play along and see if you can beat Kelly!

94.7 Fresh FM–06/06/2016

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani on Parenting, Touring, and Blake Shelton (Listen)

Gwen Stefani joined The Tommy Show by phone for a special First Friday celebration, wishing Tommy a happy birthday and dishing about her new tour.

94.7 Fresh FM–06/03/2016

Can’t Beat Kelly: Real Housewives, Scream Queens, and TMNT

How do you fare against Kelly in this edition of Can’t Beat Kelly?

94.7 Fresh FM–06/02/2016

Cant Beat Kelly: Quentin Tarantino, Indy 500, and Michael Jackson

Can you beat Kelly in either or both of these quizzes?

94.7 Fresh FM–06/01/2016


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