Tommy McFly

Meet Tommy McFly

Tommy McFLY is the big-hearted single guy who is always on the move around Maryland, Virginia and the District. He discovers trends, dines out constantly, dates terribly, loves his rescue dog Chip and is trying to figure out life — while live on the radio.

An only child Gemini originally from Scranton, Pa., McFLY moved to Washington in 2006 and quickly fell in love with this town. He proudly calls Washington and all of its incredibly unique quirks home.

Yahoo! News has called him “spry,” though co-host Kelly Collis calls him “Relentless.” During the 2013 Inaugural festivities, McFLY was tapped to be the Emcee of the President’s National Day of Service with Chelsea Clinton on the National Mall. McFLY, who has also served as official Emcee of the White House Easter Egg Roll for the past two years and as the National Christmas Tree Lighting Pre-Show host in 2012, is the first person chosen to hold the mic at all three.

“Ryan Seacrest watch Ya back,” says foodie fairy god-mother Paula Deen.

Each morning McFLY and co-hosts Collis and Jen Richer bring their own brand of crazy with personal stories, real opinions and friendly wit to the airwaves. At the end of the day though, YOU are the star of The Tommy Show. They encourage all to “Get Involved” and you will quickly be inducted into their dysfunctional family.

McFLY, a Washington Business Journal “40 Under 40″ alum, continues to take an active role in every segment of Washington and sets service as a high priority. He’s the chairman of the Washington Humane Society’s marquee event, Fashion for Paws, which has raised more than $2.2 million in just six years.

Additionally, McFLY works continuously with the Best Buddies, GW University Mobile Mammography Unit, The American Red Cross, Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation, The Alzheimer’s Association, and many other organizations on projects throughout the year. In October of 2012, McFLY challenged his listeners to raise $20,000 for the GW Mobile Mammography Unit. The donations came pouring in, so he bleached and dyed his hair pink.

It’s back to normal now.

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