Patrick Stewart in Drag is Kellyanne Conway

Even Google thinks they look alike.

4 hours ago

BEFORE & AFTER: Jen Cleaned the Office Microwaves

Learn Jen’s trick for cleaning a filthy microwave with ease.

5 hours ago

Lamar Odom’s ‘One Regret’ in Khloe Kardashian Marriage

What do you think his ‘one’ regret is?

5 hours ago

Sean Spicer Holds Press Conference with Food in His Teeth, Twitter Goes Wild

Was it spinach? Lettuce? These tweets are hilarious!


Jewelry Store Under Fire for ‘Throw Rocks at Girls’ Billboard

Their marketing director is probably looking for a new job…


Is Jon Gosselin Becoming a Stripper?

The ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ dad is set to strip down in Atlantic City… or is he?


Win Tickets to the Advance Screening of ‘Going in Style’

Listen middays for your chance to see an advance screening of “Going in Style,” starring Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine.

94.7 Fresh FM–03/27/2017

Ed Sheeran Gives ‘No Scrubs’ Writers Credit for ‘Shape Of You’

Do you think ‘Shape of You’ sounds like ‘No Scrubs’ by TLC?


Ed Sheeran Fan Makes Hilarious ‘I Got Tickets’ Video

Watch this Ed Sheeran fan act out his song “Galway Girl”!


Adele Tells Security ‘Stop Telling People to Sit Down’

That moment when Adele told her security to stop making people sit down…


Katy Perry Shows Off Tooth Jewelry

She has a gold Nike symbol stuck to her tooth.


Did Another Woman Come Between Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom?

See the video that may have broken Katy’s heart.


A Hilarious Adele Parody for Everyone Who Struggles With Diet and Exercise

‘Hello wine and bagel bites, Krispy Kreme gives me life…’


Looks Like Chrissy Teigen Fell Asleep at the Oscars

She appeared to be just as bored as the rest of us…


Dentist Sings Ed Sheeran ‘Shape Of You’ Parody About Oral Health

‘You need to brush, twice a day, floss in between…’


See Katy Perry’s Fun New Shoe Line

Some of them are named after her famous friends.


Elle King Sings ‘Golden Girls’ Theme Song

Thank you for being a friend…


These Pictures of Adam Levine’s Baby Girl Will Melt Your Heart

Dusty Rose stole the show at her dad’s ceremony.


Burger King Offers Adult Toy Meals on Valentine’s Day

Because nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like a whopper and a fancy blindfold.


Hot Mugshot Guy Makes Fashion Week Debut

Jeremy Meeks has turned his life around and now he’s really a model.


There’s One Really Big Problem With This Pregnancy Test Ad

Did this woman really need a test to tell her she is expecting?


Pink’s Baby Boy is the World’s Tiniest Adele Fan

How cute is his little Adele-inspired outfit?


Bernie Sanders Blasted Media Coverage of Donald Trump… 26 Years Ago

In 1990 Bernie Sanders thought the press was paying too much attention to Donald Trump


Twitter Reacts To Kellyanne Conway’s Inauguration Day Outfit

Revolutionary or ridiculous?


How To Make The Best Breakfast Sandwiches Ever

All about my delicious home made breakfast sandwiches.


Frederick County School District Employee Fired Over Tweet

She corrected a student’s spelling on Twitter and was let go soon after.


This Blogger Thinks Men Should Pee Sitting Down

7 reasons why this guy thinks other men should pee sitting down too.


Joe Jonas Strips Down to Boxer Briefs for Guess Ads

Which Jonas brother wears boxer briefs better? See the pics and take the poll.


Selena Gomez Made out With The Weeknd by a Dumpster

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are a thing now – see the pictures!


Victoria Beckham Pens Letter To Her 18 Year Old Self

She writes about breast implants, shaved eyebrows, the Spice Girls, and falling in love with David Beckham.


Oreo Cadbury Creme Eggs Are A Thing And I Can’t Even

Yes, these exist. Now when will they come to the US?


Did Miley Cyrus Secretly Get Married?

The apir reportedly surprised family and tied the knot at their New Year’s Eve party.


Kim Kardashian’s Driver Among Paris Robber Suspects

It’s looking more and more like this robbery was an inside job.


Does the New Belle Doll Look Like Justin Bieber?

Twitter is having fun with this new Emma Watson Belle doll.


Ed Sheeran’s ‘Driving at 90’ Lyric Sparks UK Police Plea to ‘Slow Down’

The ‘Castle On The Hill’ lyrics have police concerned about residents speeding down ‘country roads.’


Woman Tries To Steal Frying Pan By Stuffing It In Her Leggings

Watch as the woman with the frying pan in her leggings is caught in the Ikea parking lot.


Another JonBenet Ramsey Movie Is In The Works

A new JonBenet Ramsey documentary is coming to Netflix.


Lindsay Lohan Shares Poem About ISIS

She deleted the poem after receiving negative comments on Instagram.


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