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A New Device Can Get You Out of a Date Instantly

A new device has hit the market that can allow you to get out of a bad date with the touch of a button.


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‘Fifty Shades of Fresh’ Hits the Internet

Tommy, Kelly and Jen came together for their own steamy version of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’ It’s ‘Fifty Shades of Fresh.’


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Tommy & Jen Debunk Kelly’s Sudden Fear of Sharks

Kelly Collis decided to give up her favorite sport, paddle boarding, because she’s terrified of sharks, so we debunked her fear.



What Your Disney Man Crush Says About Your Dating Life

Buzzfeed compiled a list of what your Disney man crush says about your dating life. We hate to admit it, but some of this stuff rings pretty true.

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5 Money Saving Hacks for Summer Travel

Summer travel season is here and it’s not too late to save money on travel plans.



AMC Theaters to Spend $600M on Reclining Seats

Your movie experience just got more comfortable. AMC has announced a plan to spend $600 million to install recliners in about 1,800 auditoriums.


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Frontier and Southwest Airlines Makes Your Flight a Little Better

Sometimes, you get lucky and end up on a flight that makes you laugh and appreciate the people in the cockpit and the galley.


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12 Famous Songs Written by Other Famous Superstars

While mining their own successful careers in the industry, some superstars took time to write some hits for other superstars.


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Dating Map Shows D.C. Men as Smart But Uncommitting

A new app is making waves in the online dating universe called Lulu, which allows women to rate men they date based on a slew of hashtags and questions.


by: Tommy McFLY

Giants Invade Bethesda at the Imagination Stage

The BFG opened at the Imagination Stage in Bethesda and Tommy McFLY and Jen Richer got a sneak peek before opening day.

94.7 Fresh FM–07/03/2014


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