Barack Obama

President Obama Sang 'Amazing Grace' During Eulogy in Charleston & Everyone Joined InBefore the song, Obama spoke with eloquence and emotion. His eulogy was heartfelt, and reached the mourners and the nation.
President Obama Will Appear on Marc Maron's WTF PodcastSeriously, WTF?!
David Letterman's Final Broadcast Is Jam-Packed with Jokes, Stories & Special GuestsIf you thought the guests who've been appearing in the week's leading up to the final episode The Late Show with David Letterman, wait until you find out who stopped by on Letterman's final night.
President Obama Reads Means Tweets: WatchThis could be the granddaddy of all of Jimmy Kimmel's celebrity "Mean Tweets" segments.
Barack and Michelle Obama's Love Story Headed for the Big ScreenThe infamous first date between President Obama and his First Lady Michelle will become the center of a brand new movie.
VIDEO: Another 'Shake It Off' Parody, This One's About President ObamaYet another 'Shake It Off' parody, this one takes aim at President Obama.
President Obama Visits Student Who Wished for Beyoncé InsteadMaybe one day, Madison will get to live in a world where Beyoncé is president.
Malia Obama Went to Lollapalooza, Takes Selfie, As Teens DoNo word on if Barack plans on attending once his presidency is complete.
President Obama Surprises a D.C. Little League GameMy son plays baseball in a D.C little league and last night, the POTUS showed up for impromptu visit.
Zach Galifianakis Interviews Barack Obama for ‘Between Two Ferns’ Comedic actor Zach Galifianakis is getting rave reviews for his interview with President Barack Obama, shot for his renowned web series “Between Two Ferns.
Katy Perry on Barack Obama: 'I Might Have Won Wisconsin for Him'Bruce Springsteen, Arcade Fire, Jay Z and Beyoncé all stumped for President Obama in the 2012 election. But it's Katy Perry who is really the reason Obama was able to bring change to America.
Tommy McFly Lunches With POTUS Barack ObamaIf you wanted to spend your lunch hour at The Coupe in Washington D.C. today (Jan. 10), chances are there was a bit of a wait. Not because of an influx of professionals flocking for a tasty meal, but because the President of the United States was lunching with five young professionals from the D.C. area.
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