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Green Day To Provide Soundtrack To Intense CSI: NY Episode

CSI, CBS TV’s massive hit crime drama, will take advantage of several new Green Day tracks to “narrate” a few intense dialog-free action sequences on next Friday’s episode.



947 Fresh Faces, Fresh Music Featuring: Scars On 45

What do CSI:NY and Grey’s Anatomy have in common- Scars On 45 of course. Newly signed to Atlantic’s Chop Shop Records the 5 member band has caught the attention of the American audience through our beloved TV dramas…go figure. Performing […]


Ben Stiller

[CHEAT SHEET] Must See Returning Shows, Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore Head To DC, Help The Troops With A Warm Beverage

Ben Stiller writes, stars, and produces a new show in DC for HBO, Drew Barrymore in town for her new movie tonight, and find out how you can help the troops this Valentines Day while […]


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[CHEAT SHEET] Wednesday Warm And Fuzzy Has You Sipping Champagne

This Food Section Wednesday is all about the high alcohol content beer pairings, your Wednesday Warm and Fuzzy has you sipping on champagne for the puppies, and American Idol is kicking off a new season […]



Comic-Con 2011 Day 2: Colin Farrell, “Ugly Americans” And William Shatner

We have a team on the ground of Comic-Con bringing us the latest, greatest and smelliest news from the world biggest fan convention.  Check out their latest find. Well, we managed to kick-off day two […]


Rascal Flatts To Appear On HBO To Appomattox Miniseries

Rascal Flatts have revealed that they will be appearing in the HBO miniseries To Appomattox