Famous DC

Salahis Crash

Salahis Selling A Different Kind of Bubbles These Days!

The Salahis are back! We know they have been selling their wines [with more than a few bumps], after  now they trade in bubbly for house hold cleansers. What was meant to be a gathering […]


[Real Thing] The Pick Up Artist Convention!

This is a Real Thing.  The Global Pick Up Conference came to Pentagon City.


People Love Sending Snow Pics!

What did the snow look like on your ride home?


Bartender! The Best State of the Union Watering Holes.

Tomorrow’s the State of the Union Address, where to watch with friends and libations.


Shultz and Snead the Faces Behind FAMOUS DC!

Washington is a town chocked full o’ secrets.  The men at the helm of the best on-line resource for snark, Hill happenings, media, and a twisted slice of life step out of the shadows.