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PIC: Is This Dress Blue & Black or White & Gold?

Look at this picture that has gone viral… some people see a white dress, others see a blue dress. Freaky!


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PICS: Betabrand Releases Poo Emoji Dress

This Poo Emoji Dress is so cute, no, really!


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Katy Perry Wears Football Outfit to Press Conference

What do you think of Katy Perry’s football outfit?


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PIC: Kris Jenner Wears Tights As Pants At Paris Fashion Week

Kris Jenner was so uncomfortable in this outfit she held her purse over her lady part for pictures.


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HOT OR NOT? Chris Daughtry Wears a ‘Schmedium’ Shirt

Chris Daughtry shared a picture of himself wearing a very tight white shirt.


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Lindsay Lohan Launches Clothing Line, ‘My Addiction’

Lindsay Lohan has named her new clothing line after one of the major things she is known for.


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Holiday Gift Idea: Ed Sheeran’s Mom Makes Jewelry

What a great gift idea for an Ed Sheeran fan!


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PIC: Bloomingdale’s Sells Gold ‘Hashtag’ Ring for $825

The symbol formerly known as the pound sign has been turned into a ring.


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PIC: Adam Levine Models Women’s Crop Top From His K-Mart Clothing Line

Adam Levine bares his belly in a girly shirt from his K-Mart clothing line.


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PIC: You Could Be ‘Sexy Olaf’ for Halloween

Frozen costumes are not just for kids this Halloween.