Katy Perry

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‘Hunger Games’ Star Calls Out Taylor Swift, Katy Perry & Madonna for Appropriating Black Culture

Amandla Sternberg, who played Rue in ‘The Hunger Games,’ called out the ladies in a video for school.


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Yes, Katy Perry Really Did Accidentally Leak Her Own Phone Number

Anyone paying close attention to a video Katy Perry posted would notice her pup’s tag reveals her phone number very clearly.


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PIC: Katy Perry’s ‘Kris Jenner’ Hair Cut

Do you think this new look is for real… or an April Fool’s Day joke?


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PIC: Katy Perry’s Left Shark Made Entirely Out Of Marshmallow Peeps

Yes, months later, ‘Left Shark’ is still a thing.


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PIC: See What Katy Perry’s Mom Sent Her For St. Patrick’s Day

After years of deprivation, Katy’s mom decided to send her something sweet for St. Patrick’s Day.


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Katy Perry Is Selling Her Own Left Shark Onesies, Because Of Course She Is

The message here is, Katy Perry wants you to stop making your own terrible Left Shark costumes.


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Snoop Dogg Banned from Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime Show After Iggy Azalea Diss

Perry said the Azalea hate was the “tipping point.”


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Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Sharks Appear in ESPN Promo

The 24-hour sports network has jumped on the Super Bowl sharks meme with a new ad that “reveals” their actual identity.


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PIC: Did Left Shark Make an Appearance at The Grammy Awards?

Did Katy Perry’s sidekick make an appearance at the Grammy Awards?