Michaele Salahi

Guilty Pleasure Report: Michaele Salahi Update

Was Michaele With Steven Tyler Too?  Neal was her Ex-BF?


Stats on Neal Schon vs. Tareq Salahi. Who Would YOU Choose?

Michaele Salahi is married to Tareq but dating Neal.  Who’s the better partner? Check out the Neal/Tareq Comparison List!


By: MANDEL NGAN / Getty Images

Michaele Salahi, Not Kidnapped: Runs Off With Journey Lead Guitarist, Takes A Midnight Train Going Anywhere!

Yesterday our own Kristie McIntyre reported White House gate crasher Michaele Salahi went missing.  That was just the beginning of the saga.


Michaele Salahi Kidnapped?

Was Michale Abducted?  Her Husband Thinks So!


Salahis Crash

Salahis Selling A Different Kind of Bubbles These Days!

The Salahis are back! We know they have been selling their wines [with more than a few bumps], after  now they trade in bubbly for house hold cleansers. What was meant to be a gathering […]


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EXCLUSIVE Michael Lohan: The Salahis Stiffed Me! [PODCAST]

Michael Lohan dishes that the Salahis squatted in his apartment while filming VH1’s Celebrity Rehab on the Tommy Show this morning.


Michaele Salahi WITHOUT Make Up!

Hey, it’s that … that woman from that reality show?


Jersey Shore Father Son Feud! Salahi’s, Bristol Palin, Katie Holmes and More [McFly Report]

Gossip Fun from Hollywood to the Beltway and back!


Michaele Salahi KICKED OUT OF REHAB!

Michaele KICKED OUT of Celebrity Rehab?  Who let her in anyway?


The Salahis Check Into Rehab

Much like every teen horror flick: Just when you think the killer is dead they spring from the shadows for one final swipe at Nev Campbell, Jennifer Love Hewitt or whomever.