photo: Tommy McFLY

Is Reality TV Back in Washington?

When Washingtonians see camera gear and microphones on boom-sticks, hear the sound of swearing producers punching quickly into their smartphones and observe rented cargo vans speeding around the streets one has to wonder, is reality TV back in Washington? If Real Housewives of DC was cancelled, what’s all the commotion about?


Salahis Crash

Salahis Selling A Different Kind of Bubbles These Days!

The Salahis are back! We know they have been selling their wines [with more than a few bumps], after  now they trade in bubbly for house hold cleansers. What was meant to be a gathering […]


Tommy’s Top 5 Events DC Didn’t See Coming in 2010

Food Trucks, Snow, and Salahi’s OH MY!  The Top 5 things DC didn’t see coming in 2010. [FRESH VIDEO]